I started to use Max For Live mostly doing quick and dirty patches for my own compositions during 2015, in 2017 I decided to deepen a few ideas and make max for live plugins that would be valuable and usable to a broader audience and founded the audio software platform Art Frequencies.

In the future I plan to expand to iOS and VSTs plugins, I am also available for any partnership with other maxers or interactive creator.
There is currently three plugins available at the Art Frequencies shop:

DekobokoFX PRO: A very sophisticated sound mangler effect.

Dekoboko凸凹FX PRO v1.0 is a very unique and original max for live audio effect for music producers of all genres.This effect is made of a degrader unit combined with a stereo state variable filter controlled by a step sequencer to switch between 4 types of filters.

Check more about Dekoboko凸凹FX PRO v1.0

Lite: the little brother of DekobokoFX available at a lower price.

Check more about DekobokoFX Lite

Micro Chaos Delay is a tiny high quality pitch shifter and delay with the audio treatment working independently on both stereo channels.

Check more about Micro Chaos Delay